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Garden Clearance

Comprehensive Garden Clearance

We offer a  complete garden clearance service. Many gardens can, for numerous reasons, become overgrown and unmanageable. We can completely clear an overgrown garden and remove all garden waste. We can chip and mulch garden waste into existing borders or remove from site.


We recycle all garden waste

We actively recycle all garden waste. Most waste is chipped and made available as mulch for borders and landscaping requirements. Logs are processed and made available for valuable renewable energy.


Conifer and Leylandii Maintenance or Removal

On new developments in the early 70's it was popular to plant Leylandii trees and Conifers to provide privacy. However, these rapidly growing trees require regular maintenance. It is very common for these types of species to grow tall and quickly become too big for gardens blocking light and invading valuable space. Once overgrown they become very difficult to shape and prune leaving unsightly 'dead spots'. We are experienced in maintaining and, if necessary, removing Leylandii and Conifer hedges or trees alongside stump removal if required. We always consider wildlife implications when carrying out any work.

Garden Clearance: Inventory
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